Cold or toasted on our grill, either way you won’t be disappointed.
All are served with “Lemon Chips” and salsa.

                    Ray’s Wrap      5.75                               
Smoked Turkey, lettuce, tomato and onion surrounded by cream cheese and tangy bar-b-que sauce.

The Farmstead        7.00    

         Turkey, crisp bacon and provolone with lettuce and tomato.

               The Med      6.00                   

Our Moroccan chicken, tomato and onion smothered in creamy guacamole and shredded cheddar.        Add a side of sour cream    .75

                                Turkey Bog       5.25                                       Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and sliced turkey with creamy poppy seed dressing and tart dried cranberries.

Veggie Wrap      5.25        

Tangy cheddar cheese and all our fresh veggies.
Try it with creamy guacamole-yum!.

* substitute fruit for chips on any lunch order

One response to “Wraps

  1. The coffee corner has the European flair with local atmosphere. Great place to sit and relax. The menu is outstanding and one of a kind. You wont find any were else. They use fresh produce from local farmers. They go out of there way to make your experience perfect.

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