Served All Day
We are baking every day and night to keep our food and treats fresh. Options are always changing so come back often to see what we have!

Assorted cakes, cookies & tea breads  1.75

Cinnamon Rolls   1.75

Muffins  Baked fresh daily    1.85

Scones  Our secret recipe made from scratch every morning   1.85

Bagels   Plain or Wheat   1.55

Cream Cheese    .75

Crumb Cake Yummy, dense cake with a variety of fillings and a crunchy crumb topping. 1.85

8 responses to “Bakery

  1. Hello! There are signs on the road on the way to the Kettle Moraine National Forest for cinnamon roll delivery to campsites. Is that your bakery that does this?

  2. Still dreaming of the kuchen as requested above. Any one able to help???

  3. I grew up in Kewaskum in the 1940’s. My folks, Rose and Carl Schaefer, ran the Ford garage from the 1920’s into the 1950’s. I am trying to find the yeasted coffee cake (Kuchen) with a brown sugar streusel topping that my mom made. I wonder if any one out there might have it?? Thanks for accepting this request from an old geezer who is dreaming of the past.

  4. Would you consider sharing your recipe for molasses ginger cookies? They are heaven on earth and I would love to make them at home as I live an hour from the bistro.

  5. Hooray for finally havine a website!!

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