Local Vendors

Whenever possible we strive to purchase from local vendors. Throughout spring and summer we grow much of our own produce. We raise our own chickens and grass-fed beef on a small farm just outside of Kewaskum. A large portion of our meat, as well as eggs, comes from that farm. Often times we make our own stocks as well! Our sandwiches are made with premium lunch meats from Kewaskum Frozen Foods and Wisconsin cheeses from Vern’s Cheese. All our milk is Sassy Cow (Columbus, WI) from Engelhardt Dairy.  The following companies are the vendors that we currently use:

  •            Engelhardt Dairy LLC          Kewaskum, WI
  •             Kewaskum Frozen Foods    Kewaskum, WI
  •             Dierks Waukesha                  Waukesha, WI
  •             Vern’s Cheese                        Chilton, WI
  •             Colectivo Coffee Roasters       Milwaukee, WI
  •             Rishi Tea                                Milwaukee, WI
  •             DWC Specialties                   Horicon, WI
  •             El Rey                                     Milwaukee, WI
  •             Geidel’s Piggly Wiggly         Kewaskum, WI
  •             GB Sales                                 New Berlin, WI
  •             Boelter Companies              Milwaukee, WI
  • Bernie’s Bees Campbellsport, WI

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